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Nacra 460

A simple, high-quality performance catamaran for two persons. It is the baby of the Nacra family, perfect if you are just learning about catamaran sailing. However, nothing about this catamaran is standard. It is a real beauty with its clean hull lines. The beams are recessed into the hulls, making the boat stiffer. And the high buoyancy keeps you on top of the water. As with all Nacra boats, the trampoline is made of mesh polypropylene, which ensures that water drains quickly. If you’re just starting out sailing a catamaran, the trapeze can be pretty exciting. Nacra has made it safe and easy with sure-footed, non-slip areas on the side of the hulls.

All Nacra sails are designed by Performance Sails to give you many years of enjoyment. The Nacra 460 has an MNX mainsail, fibre reinforced monofilm, and a Dacron jib. The jib is sheeted to the front of the beam, so you don’t have the hassle of lines and blocks on your trampoline. Like other Nacra’s, the 460 comes with kick up rudders, a skeg hull, and Harken working gear.

Nacra 500

The Nacra 500 is an affordable option that can fit two persons. It is perfect for local club racing or just to go out and having fun with family and friends.

The Nacra 500 has a clean hull line, beams recessed into the hull to make the boat stiffer, and high buoyancy to keep you on the water. The trampoline is made of mesh polypropylene, which ensures that water drains quickly. As with all Nacra leisure boats, the mainsail is made from MNX material, fibre reinforced monofilm, and the jib is Dacron, all manufactured by Performance Sails , giving them longevity, strength and performance.

Nacra 570

The Nacra 570 is the largest catamaran in the Nacra family. Although large, the catamaran is easy to set up, so you don’t have to worry about spending hours preparing the boat before each sail. It’s a simple but exciting catamaran, the polyester sandwich foam makes the hulls strong and stiff, and gives real volume in the front of the beams to prevent nose-diving. This large skeg-hulled Nacra has plenty of room for two people to move around, and can even fit a third person. With three variations, there’s a type for everyone.



The Nacra 15 was primarily designed to suit the World Sailing’s criteria and become the official Youth Multihull. With success, the fast-growing Nacra 15 Class in its C-Foil (curved daggerboard) configuration, is now a popular and most-desired fleet of the Youth Sailing World Championships and is even more unique at the Youth Olympic Games. The Nacra 15 is a smaller version of the original Olympic Nacra 17 Mixed Multihull, creating a true Olympic pathway.

Designed in 2015, the Nacra 15 offers high performance, super competitive racing with speeds up to 20 knots and beyond – a performer on its own, isn’t it?  


Pathway for youth sailing

Nacra 15 One is a single-handed semi-foiling catamaran that adds an extra dimension to sailing. More lift reduces drag, resulting in more speed and excitement. It is a smaller version of the original Olympic Nacra 17 Mixed Multihull.

Designed in 2015, the Nacra 15 offers high performance, super competitive racing with speeds up to 20 knots and beyond – a performer on its own, isn’t it?  

Also, Nacra Sailing offers the all-new Nacra 15 FCS (Flight Control System) and the single-handed Nacra 15 FCS ONE, which will be of interest to everyone, not just youngsters.

Nacra F16 Carbon

The steppingstone towards serious cat racing

The Nacra F16 Carbon offers everything race teams look for in a mature racing cat and more. It is the preferred choice for lightweight crews of all ages and is suitable for both double-handed and single-handed sailing. Designed to put sailors in control, the Nacra F16 Carbon is a lot of fun to sail, both in racing and touring mode.

The boat comes in a full class approved configuration as standard. However, with the multi-function daggerboards, you can switch to curved daggerboards for semi-foiling performance. If you wish to take your F16 even further, there are several options available such as Carbon mast, boom, spinnaker pole, tiller tie bar and even DS sails. Although F16 class regulations do not yet allow a deck sweep, Nacra already has it available for you.

Nacra F16 Carbon ONE

The Nacra 16 One offers everything race teams look for in a mature racing cat and more. A unique feature of the Nacra 16 is the newly added switch cases that fit both straight daggerboards for F16 class racing as well as curved daggerboards, adapted from the Olympic Nacra 17. It needs no replacements of cassettes. Designed to put sailors in control, the Nacra 16 One is a lot of fun to sail, both in racing and touring mode.

Nacra F18 Evolution

The Nacra F18 Evolution is a racing catamaran built with advanced technology, sophisticated design tools and 45 years of experience. The main purpose of the new Formula 18 design was to build upon the unique pedigree of the Nacra F18 Infusion as the best all-round performing F18, across the full range of sailing conditions for every sailor.

The most distinctive feature of this Evolution F18 is its hull shape design –  an aggressively styled raked wave-piercing bow with a horizontal hull chine that runs back into the transom. This design offers a unique compromise for both sailing upwind and downwind at different speeds. Moreover, the optimized foredeck in front of the main beam and embedded beams into the hull add elegance to this design. The updated longitudinal beam position optimizes the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic balance between the sail plan and appendages. 

Nacra F20 Carbon

The Nacra F20 Carbon is a product of the F18 Infusion, with all the best features and functions of the F18 Infusion. It shares the same rudder system, mast extrusion, beams, and other minor components as the F18 Infusion, however, the only difference is found in the hull shape and the size of the boat. 

This boat is suited for two-person and is designed for both course and inshore/coastal racing. It comes with a standard high aspect Kevlar- carbon square top mainsail, a Kevlar-carbon high aspect jib and a full radial cut gennaker. All composite component toolings are CNC milled for accurate shape and high quality with low weight finish. The hulls are built from a full carbon fiber sandwich construction with a pre- molded shaped core.


Nacra 15 FCS

The youth foiling pathway


Following the evolution of the Olympic Nacra 17 Class, Nacra Sailing introduces the full foiling Nacra 15 FCS multihull, which comes with the same sail plan as the original Nacra 15, except the FCS foiling package being “plug and play”. You can use it as part of a new boat package or as an additional option for existing Nacra 15 owners. The Nacra 15 FCS provides the ultimate sailing experience.

Nacra 15 FCS ONE

The single-handed flyer

In response to the increasing popularity of single-handed sailing, Nacra Sailing is proud to present the Nacra 15 FCS ONE, a full foiling, single-handed variant of the Nacra 15 FCS – highly competitive and is so much fun. The key difference is the sail configuration, which has a super-efficient deck sweeper mainsail without a jib.

Nacra 17 Olympic Class

The original Nacra 17 was initially designed to follow World Sailing´s strict requirements for the Olympic multihull. It was fitted with curved daggerboards at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, to provide extra buoyancy and boost its efficiency both downwind and upwind.

In response to the recent developments and requirements, the next generation Nacra 17 has now been upgraded into a fully foiling race machine. So, at the next Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the Nacra 17 will once again provide full excitement in multihull sailing. 

Nacra F18 FCS

The F18 FCS is fully foiling capable and is designed to sail in a wide range of weather conditions, making competitive catamaran sailing accessible to even more sailors. It has been built to the highest safety standards and is one of the only two production catamarans manufactured with an advanced infusion system. This allows for the better weight distribution of material within the hull, resulting in increased rigidity and speed where it is needed. It is a real treat for both experienced as well as new sailors.

Its open multi-function centerboard is designed to turn this foiling Nacra F18 back into a best-in-class F18 in 30 minutes. This Nacra F18 FCS offers the ultimate sailing experience.

Nacra F20 Carbon FCS

With the Nacra 20 FCS, you have the ultimate ‘flying’ racing catamaran in your hands. The ‘FCS’ in Nacra 20 FCS stands for ‘Flight Control System’. While sailing you get a controlled flight and can make alterations on the water to find the groove you want.

This Nacra is a benchmark in design. The FCS Main Foil, FCS T rudder, rudder system, spi-pole, boom and mast are all built with the most advanced full carbon fiber construction. The best possible manufacturing techniques are used to achieve maximum strength with minimum weight. Using autoclave technology that cures the pre-impregnated carbon/epoxy at 120 degrees Celsius and an atmospheric pressure of 6 bar, it keeps you ahead of the fleet in terms of performance and fun.

Your downwind experience will never be the same again, with enough wind and sailing without a gennaker, you will still be foiling. These sails and technology are produced by the same loft that Olympic Nacra 17 sailors use.

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