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The F16 class has quickly established itself as one of the fastest growing multihull organizations. This is primarily due to the class’s unique combination of performance and versatility. The design concept has and continues to prove itself.

  • On the race course, single-handed teams have shown to be equally capable of directly competing with crewed teams.

  • In mixed fleets the light weight and performance of the F16 allows it to be raced on an equal footing with other larger spin rigged boats.

  • The ease of rigging, moving and launching a light weight platform minimizes hassles on the beach. It also makes it much more likely that you will go sailing when the opportunity presents itself.

  • On the water the lighter weight of the F16 translates to performance. You have unmatched feel of the boat and of the conditions while sailing. Performance with less sail area means lower sheet loads, less tired crew and more fun for smaller and larger crews.

Following the very successful introduction of the Blade F16, the Falcon Marine team has now introduced the latest in F16 technology and development; the FALCON F16. Continuing with the tradition of the F16 class and what was started with the Blade, we have continued to refine the state of the art in hull design, rig technology, and manufacturing processes.


The Falcon F18 made its debut at the 2012 Globaltech World Championships in Long Beach, California as the newest F18 design. While the F18 class has very tight restrictions in materials allowed in the manufacture of the boat, and limits on most all of the boat dimensions, when we decided to design and produce an F18 it was done with two goals in mind.


The first was to design a boat that is easily pushed hard, especially under rough conditions, while still performing well across the full range of sailing conditions. The second was to produce a better, more quality boat than is currently available on the market.

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