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  • LOA5.25m / 17’3”

  • BEAM2.30m / 7’6”

    (dry/no power)310kg/680lbs.

    (dry/ 60hp Merc Sea Pro & systems)500kg/1100lbs.

  • CONSTRUCTIONInfused Vinylester Hull/Deck

    (Preliminary – Pending CE Approval)8-10

  • RECOMMENDED HP60-70 Max HP: 90

  • DESIGNMorrelli & Melvin – California USA



  • LOA4.3m / 14’1”

  • BEAM2.1m / 6’10”

    (dry/no power)202kg/445 lbs.

    (dry/ with motor & systems)314kg/692 lbs.

  • CONSTRUCTIONInfused Vinylester Hull/Deck

    (Preliminary – Pending CE Approval)10

  • RECOMMEDNED HP40-50 Max HP: 60

  • DESIGNMorrelli & Melvin – California USA



Pro Coach Boats LLC is the result of Morrelli & Melvin’s decades of experience as leaders in high-performance marine design and are the culmination of countless hours on the water in the professional sailing environment.  Leading the charge was Pete Melvin, former Olympic skipper in the Tornado Class, three-time world champion, 30+ time national champion, CEO of Morrelli & Melvin, and President of Pro Coach Boats, who found traditional RIBs lacking the performance, maneuverability, and practicality necessary for hours spent on the water in a support role.  

Seeing the opportunity to improve on existing RIB designs, the team at M&M utilized lessons learned in the development of over 100 unique power-catamarans, such as offshore wind-farm support vessels, high-speed ferries, America’s Cup support boats, and 80mph sport-fishing catamarans, to create a smooth-riding, seaworthy hull shape that offers greater stability, a more forgiving ride, lower wake generation, shallower draft, and more useful interior space for the size than any other support RIB on the market.  

Once the most efficient hull shapes were designed and tested using sophisticated computational fluid dynamics software, the team built two prototypes to bring theory and practice together and subjected the boats to a rigorous testing process at the hands of some of the most experienced coaches on the water.  What these tests revealed was that the Pro Coach design went far beyond expectations, proving the concept over V-Hull RIBs with lower vertical accelerations and slamming, significantly lower wake signature with no noticeable “hump” to overcome before planing, greater interior space, a wide, rigid foredeck that allows for easy mark/anchor deployment and retrieval, and a tight turning radius that allows for easy close-quarter maneuvers.


The Catamaran hull offers a wider footprint over traditional “V” shaped designs for a given length and allows for a more stable platform at speed and while on station.  Unlike a traditional RIB, Pro Coach Boats resist rolling due to their wide stance.


With less wake and drag, the catamaran hull enables faster acceleration without a pronounced “hump” to overcome before the boat will plane, and improved fuel economy. Twin narrow hulls allow for lower vertical acceleration and slamming at speed, creating a smoother ride in all sea conditions.  In addition, the refined hull form gives the Pro Coach RIBs greater maneuverability and a tighter turn-radius than conventional V-shaped hulls.


Pro Coach Boats’ use of the catamaran hull enables the maximum beam of the boat to be carried forward, allowing for greater deck space, unattainable with conventional RIBs. The result is a wide, open bow section that features a rigid foredeck, perfect for launching and retrieving anchors and marks, or carrying more passengers and gear.


Increased stability and comfort, better performance in all conditions, and more interior space than a standard RIB, all add up to make the Pro Coach line the most versatile hard-bottom inflatables on the market.  Equally at home in the harbor or in challenging ocean conditions, Pro Coach boats offer flexibility through their superior design​.


The need to stand up to hard, prolonged use day after day, lead to the decision to build the hulls with E-glass reinforced, infused vinylester that come with a five-year structural warranty.  Each hull is paired with tough, chafe-resistant Hypalon tubes and is offered with multiple seating options. High quality PVC tubes are also available for those that do not require the UV resistance that Hypalon offers.

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